Phoenix Contact Quint DC-DC Power Converters

Phoenix Contact announces four new DC-DC converters in the QUINT power family. These new converters offer more voltage conversion options and include SFB technology and Power Boost.

DC-DC converters can solve many problems commonly associated with DC power systems. From voltage isolation to increasing or decreasing voltage levels, these new DC-DC converters make it easy to create the reliable power systems your application demands.

DC-DC converters are ideal for boosting voltage over long wire runs, regulating battery voltage output and isolating ground loops.

These DC-DC converters also feature selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology, just like the popular Quint SFB power supplies. Along with SFB technology, the units include Power Boost, providing up to 125 percent of their rated output for demanding loads.

With additional diagnostics such as DC OK and Power Boost, the status of the DC system is always known.

These new DC-DC converters carry UL 508 Listing. Class I, Div. 2 approval is pending, making these DC-DC converters well suited for all industrial applications, including critical process industry installations.