Schneider Electric XUE-AA Photoelectric Laser Sensor

In the hoisting and material handling industry, precise measuring is an indispensable feature for protecting your installations.

The OsiSense XUE photo-electric sensor by Schneider Electric enables very precise positioning of movements in an automated warehouse. It also enables detection of the proximity of another overhead traveling crane and immediately stops it if there is a risk of collision. This sensor can also monitor the radius of paper or metal strip rolls.

The measuring repeat accuracy is to within a few millimetres throughout its sensing distance. The sensing distance is 6 or 30 metres, depending on the detection mode selected.

  • Detection of objects with background suppression at a distance of 6m.
  • Monitoring and measuring (at 30m or 6m) using a single product due to its 3 programmable outputs (2 digital outputs and 1 analog output).
  • Usage without risk due to laser class 1 transmission in operation
  • Assured operation in difficult environments with an IP67 product.
  • Simple selection between 2 references, depending on your application (Monitoring distance of object or monitoring distance of reflector).
  • Simplified alignment using visible red laser pointer for viewing the measuring point.
  • Intuitive adjustment interface, integrated in product, for configuring your application using 2 “teach” buttons.