Phoenix Contact MARKING BOX Printing System

The MARKING BOX is the newest addition to Phoenix Contact’s THERMOMARK LINE printing systems – a low-cost printing solution that is ideal for smaller customers with a variety of marking needs.

This total printing system consists of:

  • THERMOMARK CARD printer for printing on rigid materials, such as snap-in terminal block markers
  • THERMOMARK ROLL printer for printing all roll material, such as shrink sleeves and wire wraps
  • A laptop with preloaded software and print drivers
  • All necessary cables and ink ribbons

The MARKING BOX system allows the user to print a wide range of labels and markers for all products in and around the industrial control cabinet. The comprehensive materials line for the printers includes polycarbonite cards and PVC sheets.

One major advantage of the MARKING BOX is the laptop computer, which is included and pre-loaded with print drivers as well as Phoenix Contact’s CLIP PROJECT software. In the past, software had to be downloaded from a website – usually a long process with such large files. MARKING BOX eliminates those issues entirely – simply open MARKING BOX, plug in the necessary cables and begin printing.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete system – mark terminal blocks, wires and equipment
  • Ready to print right out of the box – no need to download or install software or drivers
  • Easy-to-use CLIP PROJECT software for designing and printing markers and labels
  • Versatile process – easy to switch from one media type to another
  • Save money by using continuous materials such as Endless Shrink Sleeves