Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS-IQ Battery Management

Gain the ability to visually check the status of your batteries with the QUINT UPS-IQ from Phoenix Contact. Previously, UPS solutions for industrial control cabinets were basic units that performed a battery back-up function in the event of a main line power loss. However, these units could not provide an indication of the connected battery’s condition.

The QUINT UPS-IQ is ideal for any situation where battery backup is needed and mission-critical systems cannot lose power. IQ-Technology makes QUINT unique by providing an adaptive battery management on several levels: State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), and State of Function (SOF).

Features and Benefits

  • Narrow package design provides a reduced footprint
  • Easy handling of the batteries through Serial ID Number and easy removal of battery cores without tools
  • Power Boost for increased system capacity of up to 1.5 times the nominal current
  • SFB functionality providing up to six-times the nominal current for 12 milliseconds
  • Fast charging for faster recovery of the battery module
  • Decoupled UPS input protects from a short circuit upstream from the UPS
  • Cutback of the charging current in the event of a power supply overload
  • Can be used with or without the UPS-Config software, providing easy implementation
  • Auto recognition of the external battery module means no need to manually select the battery size for charging currents
  • Communication interface with USB enables monitoring and configuration by PC or 24 V industrial PCs
  • Configuration stick provides the ability to transfer programming configurations from one UPS to another for quick deployment of multiple systems