SMC Pneumatics MGP Compact Guide Cylinder

SMC Pneumatics has re-designed their MGP Series of Compact Guide Cylinders, reducing its weight by up to 17 percent.  A thinner plate and a shorter guide rod not only decreases the weight of the unit, but also reduces the space required between the bottom of the cylinder body and your equipment.  Despite the reduced weight, the new MGP series provides the same performance, strength (rigidity) and mounting dimensions of the previous MGP series.

MGP cylinders are available with three types of bearings:

  • Slide bearing (MGPM) – Suitable for lateral load applications such as a stopper where shock is applied.
  • Ball bushing (MGPL) – Smooth operation suitable for pusher and lifter.
  • High precision ball bushing (MGPA) – Suitable for minimizing plate displacement.

Mounting can be accomplished from the top, side, bottom or from the t-slot, and piping is possible from either the top or the side.  Round type and magnetic field resistant auto switches can be mounted directly onto the cylinder without the need for a spacer.

SMC Pneumatics MGP Compact Guide Cylinder

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