Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN Low-Profile Safety Light Screens

Banner Engineering has expanded their EZ-SCREEN family to include models of the Low-Profile series that include an integral muting function. Seven muting configurations are available, including two sensor “L-configuration” exit only applications.

The Low-Profile models have continuous detection along the entire light screen length to eliminate the “dead zones” found on traditional safety light curtains. The EZ-SCREEN LPM provides increased mounting flexibility, hookup options and additional functionality at a lower cost.


  • Creates a screen of synchronized, modulated infrared sensing beams that extend from end to end of the housing (no “dead zone”)
  • Built-in muting function, no third box required
  • Seven different, pre-defined, muting configuration options, including Bypass, Mute-Dependent Override, Mute Enable, and Mute-cycle time extensions (4 seconds) for “L”-style cell exit applications
  • Mute Lamp and Status Outputs to EZ-LIGHT (or other indicating devices) with RD cordset and accessory end-cap mounting bracket
  • DIP switch configurable; many of the same features as a standard EZS LP (e.g. reduced resolution, fixed blanking, two scan codes, etc.)
  • Easy to see Status, Reset, Zone, Mute Device and Diagnostic indicators and displays to indicate number of beams blocked and detailed diagnostics
  • 1-Ch External Device Monitoring, which can be disabled by connecting EDM wire to 24 V dc
  • Low-profile, compact package for smaller production machines, yet robust enough for large power presses
  • 100 mm to 7 m (4 to 23′) sensing range
  • Typical power consumption of 210 mA @ 24V dc for all models
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light, weld flash and strobe light
  • Two OSSD safety outputs rated at 500 mA each