Phoenix Contact WirelessHART Adapter

Phoenix Contact announces the addition of the RAD-WHA-1/2NPT to the existing WirelessHART product line. This WirelessHART adapter makes it easy to add wired HART devices to a WirelessHART network.

The RAD-WHA-1/2NPT can connect to up to four HART devices. This will lower the overall system node count and save on the cost of buying a new WirelessHART device. This concept makes it ideal for both retrofit and new installation applications.

The adapter offers rugged aluminum housing with a hinged compartment, which contains the HART loop contacts for easy programming. It also has a removable antenna which allows for remote mounting, or the ability to attach a higher gain antenna for better performance.


  • HART modem loops allow for an easy connection point for configuration of adapter
  • Connect up to four HART devices to allow wireless transmission of stranded HART data
  • Connect one standard 4-20 mA signal for easy integration of non-HART devices
  • May be mounted remotely or directly connected to instrument
  • Industry‚Äôs only removable antenna for connection of high-gain antennas or remote antenna placement
  • Rugged aluminum housing with hinged compartment