Schneider Electric OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor

Looking for a roller sensor that is fast and simple to install? The OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor from Schneider Electric is the perfect choice! With zero tools, you can mount the roller sensor between rollers. When mounting, you can choose between three mounting solutions: hexagonal 7/16″, ø 8mm, or adhesive supports. This simple installation saves you up to 50% in installation and adjustment time.

With reliable infra-red sensing technology, the OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor is ideal for detecting all your package colors. In addition, the sensor is perfect for all types of packages including packets, boxes, pallets and letters of paper, and cartons or metallic material. The sensor employs convex lenses and LED power to prevent dust accumulation and interference.

Schneider Electric XUY Roller Sensor

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