Phoenix Contact Lean Managed Switch Line Expanded

The extended wait for new additions to the Phoenix Contact Lean Managed Switch line is over. These additions more than triple the size of the LMS product group. The new models include various five-port models, the inclusion of ST fiber products, as well as the expansion of the single-mode fiber offering. All of the available switches in the LMS line have a corresponding –E version with IGMP snooping/query default enabled, for quick and easy deployment in EtherNet/IP installations.

Since launch, the Lean Managed Switch’s functionality has consistently increased. The LMS supports Rapid Spanning Tree and the proprietary Fast Ring Detection for redundancy. Large Tree Support enables the use of the Lean Managed Switch in network applications with extensive switch usage. The LMS also supports SNMP for switch configuration and diagnostics, port mirroring and port statistics to assist in network troubleshooting, and VLAN for secure network segmentation. With the recently-made-available firmware 3.40, the Lean Managed Switch has even more supported functions:

  • DHCP Server – Automate the assignment of device IP addresses
  • Advanced multicast settings – Optimize a redundant network with multiple controllers in use
    • Extended multicast source detection settings
    • Static and auto query port selection capability
  • External storage of switch configuration – Makes device replacement or copying of common configurations easy