Phoenix Contact RAD-ISM-900-DATA-BD-PLUS Wireless Transceiver

Phoenix Contact is pleased to announce the addition of the RAD-ISM-900-DATA-BD-PLUS to its wireless product portfolio. An enhancement to the RAD-ISM-900-DATA series, the DATA-PLUS has integrated, non-isolated I/O. This makes it ideal for customers who are building simple RTU cabinets and need a cost-effective solution with a few I/O points.

The DATA-PLUS is fully interoperable with the existing 900 MHz DATA radio series products. It can be programmed by either DIP switch or the RAD Link 3.25 software.


  • Integrated RS-232/485 ports
  • Up to eight analog/digital/pulse inputs and four digital outputs
  • Individually addressable registers via Modbus or DF1 protocols
  • Freely configurable as a master, slave or repeater
  • DIN rail-mountable
  • 45-mm housing width
  • RF link relay contact and analog RSSI voltage for link quality testing 


  • PC/PLC/RTU interface
  • Pump control
  • Tank level/pressure/temperature monitoring
  • Water/wastewater
  • Petro-chem