Phoenix Contact SMS Relay Enclosure

The SMS relay enclosure is an all-in-one solution for reliable, compact remote control and signaling. The enclosure is shipped with surge protection for the entire cabinet, power distribution terminal block, SMS cellular relay, and pre-wired terminal blocks for all the inputs and outputs. To simplify ordering, the entire package is available with just one part number.

The user can monitor and control six configurable analog/digital inputs and four relay outputs with NO/NC contacts using SMS messages via any GSM mobile phone network. Each change of status at the input sends a user-defined message to the selected maintenance personnel via text message. A predefined message can be used to enable and disable the outputs via text message. This makes it easy to acknowledge and even remove errors remotely.

Fields of application:

  • Pumps, water supply, waste water
  • Alarming
  • Machine, building and system monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Remote switchgears