Phoenix Contact VARIOSUB RJ45 Patch Cables for EtherCAT, SERCOS III and PROFINET

Phoenix Contact now offers RJ45 patch cables for more industrial Ethernet applications, including EtherCAT, SERCOS and PROFINET. 

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an open, high-performance fieldbus system based on industrial Ethernet. EtherCAT is a protocol that was developed to apply Ethernet to automation applications that require short update times. 

SERCOS III – The SERCOS III Protocol is an open digital interface for communication among industrial controls, motion devices and input/output (I/O) devices. It is globally standardized. 

PROFINET is an open-standard protocol for industrial automation based on industrial Ethernet. It is real-time Ethernet.

Phoenix Contact VARIOSUB RJ45 Patch Cables

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