IDEC CW Flush Mount Switches

IDEC flush mount CW switches are the best looking, industrial-strength 22mm switches in the market. Now, with the addition of options including new maintained pushbutton switch operators, rubber boots and nameplates, CW switches are better than ever.

CW switches now offer both momentary and maintained pushbutton switch functions. By offering both momentary and maintained functions, you have more options to fit your specific applications.

The smooth design of the CW cuts down on surface area, preventing dust and other particles from accumulating and making regular cleaning and maintenance easier. Now, a new rubber boot provides a protective cover for CW switches, making them ideal for applications that require regular washdowns.

Marking plates are also available for the CW switches, engraved to designate the function of the switch or its position. Now there is no reason for you to have switches without clear labeling.

Offered with either black or metallic bezels, you have a choice of illuminated pushbuttons, pushbuttons and pilot lights in six bright colors (amber, green, white, red, blue and yellow). Selector and key selector switches are also available.

CW switches are perfect for instrumentation, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, semi-conductor equipment, non-industrial applications (train cab, parking machines, audio/visual equipment), machine tools, panels, outdoor applications and more!

IP20 finger-safe contacts extend only 39.9mm behind the panel, saving space, while seven possible keys provide added security. CW switches are UL listed and CE marked, as well as provide an IP65 degree of protection.

IDEC CW Flush Mount Switches

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