SMC Pneumatics MY1H Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinders

SMC Pneumatics has redesigned their MY1H series of Mechanically Jointed Rodless Cylinders with several design improvements:

  • Piping capability on all four cover surfaces makes it easier to connect the air supply.
  • Auto switch (D-M9x and D-A9x) can be mounted in any desired position with a mounting bracket, making sensor positioning simple.
  • New dust seal band design greatly extends service life due to less contaminants entering the cylinder.
  • Offers a 6% reduction in weight, while maintaining the same mounting and performance.
  • Speed controller can be mounted on the back, reducing the cylinder installation area significantly.
  • Cushion needle adjustment has been moved from the side to the top, making adjustments easier.
  • Linear guide achieves a higher repeatability.