Phoenix Contact Process Fieldbus Infrastructure

The Process Fieldbus Infrastructure solutions from Phoenix Contact offer connectivity from the process controller to the field devices for Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA applications. Solutions are provided for both the control cabinet and the field.

Fieldbus isolated power supplies provide power while allowing digital communications to one segment. In the field, preconfigured field junction boxes with device couplers offer device connectivity and process protection.

Together with redundant bulk power, surge protection and cabling cordsets, the line provides a complete connection architecture. The Fieldbus line was designed specifically to meet the tough requirements of the process environment.

Each DIN rail-mounted fieldbus power supply provides high-integrity power for one H1 segment. They are galvanically isolated and include a fixed end-of-line terminator. Built-in output impedance allows digital communications and DC power to coexist on a pair of wires. Passive filtering allows for low heat dissipation and long service life. Pluggable connectors and local diagnostic LEDs permit easy installation and troubleshooting.

Simplex power

  • Non-redundant power for one segment
  • Connections for redundant bulk power
  • Input power can be distributed along the DIN rail using the T-bus connector, thus reducing wiring
  • No space required between modules optimizes cabinet size
  • Output 360 mA at 25 V
  • FB-PS-25/0.36A 2316035

Redundant power

  • Redundant power for one segment per base module
  • Swappable plugs provide high availability
  • Ample pluggable connectors makes wiring easy
  • High power output, 500 mA at 28 V
  • FB-PS-PLUG 2316132
  • FB-PS-BASE 2316145

Designed specifically for field device coupler systems, these assemblies allow for easy wiring and convenient cable management. Choose from two sizes of aluminum and two sizes of stainless steel.

  • Size and weight optimized
  • “Starter” rail with PT base, terminals, end clips and FB-ET
  • Busbar and shield clamps
  • Allows flexible addition of FB-2SP and FB-ISO, offered separately
  • PT plug ordered separately, or base used as a simple wiring terminal
  • Entries for trunk-in, trunk-out and breather
  • Large: ten spurs and two spares
  • Small: five spurs and one spare
  • FB-15-SS 2316190
  • FB-9-SS 2316213
  • FB-15-AL 2316187
  • FB-8-AL 2316200 

FB-ET connects to the trunk and includes a pre-installed external terminator to avoid errors at commissioning. For hazardous locations, FB-2SP and FB-ISO connect to field devices and provide shortcircuit and energy limiting. Voltage and communication are routed via modular T-bus connectors installed on the DIN rail. Compact module width and single-sided spur wiring allow size and weight optimization of the junction box.

  • FB-ET 2316048
  • FB-2SP 2316051
  • FB-ISO 2316064

Modular fieldbus components from Phoenix Contact save installation and maintenance time for your fieldbus application. Traditionally, energy limiting was done in the control cabinet for both nonincendive and intrinsically safe protection applications. The Phoenix Contact modular approach distributes the energy-limiting protection to the field. Since energy is limited on a per spur basis, restrictions are not imposed on power supply voltage or total allowable segment current. This means longer cable runs and more instruments per segment.

Phoenix Contact Process Fieldbus Infrastructure

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