Banner Engineering PVL Parts Verification Array

Banner has developed the PVL retroreflective light grid for reliable coverage to help streamline part picking processes. This product complements their PVA, PVD, and K50 products, offering cost-effective and reliable technology easily adapted for specific manufacturing scenarios.


  • Rugged metal housing with 225 mm monitoring span 
    • Suitable for most environments
    • Opto-mechanical alignment with bright red emitter beams for easy setup
  • Two color LED indication arrow: Bright Green for “Pick” and Flashing Red for “Missed Pick”.
    • Highly visible for error verification
  • Flexible mounting option and rugged steel mounting brackets
    • Both vertical and horizontal with easy alignment
    • Retroreflective tape can be placed on adjacent unit or on the bracket
    • Brackets available for tube racks and square profile racking