Rittal Blue E Air Conditioners

Rittal Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of our Blue E air conditioners. The Blue E air conditioners offer up to a 45% gain in energy efficiency, and in a customer field test the amount of energy used by the Blue E air conditioner was reduced 70% when compared to a standard air conditioner.


  • These energy-saving air conditioners are available with output from 1700 to 16800 BTU (500 to 4000 W)
  • Savings of up to 45% energy consumption with the same cooling output; up to 70% energy savings compared with a conventional Rittal TopTherm Plus air conditioner in field trials
  • Previous units with Comfort controller are now “Blue e” generation; part numbers remain the same
  • Identical cut-out dimensions
  • Eco-mode control Intelligent, targeted use of energy thanks to the new eco-mode control from Rittal