Pepperl+Fuchs G10 Safety Module

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the G10 safety module – the world’s smallest AS-Interface safety module with IP67 protection. Applying a strict “less is better” design philosophy, G10 safety modules are a Safety at Work solution that reduces the complexity and cost of any safety installation. Additionally, the design supports high modularity enabling OEMs to transform any conventional safety device into an AS-Interface networking solution, thus further reducing inventory requirements and simplifying machine designs.

“AS-Interface Safety at Work is the premiere technology for combining conventional and safety I/O devices on a single network, and the new G10 safety module significantly expands the Safety at Work capabilities,” remarks Helge Hornis, manager of intelligent systems at Pepperl+Fuchs. “In fact machine builders searching for ways to simplify their safety installation should give this technology and the G10 safety module a good look, as OEMs who have implemented this solution can reduce wiring requirements up to 90 percent.”

The ultra-compact G10 modules feature a single-piece design that delivers unobtrusive simplicity and superior long-term reliability when compared with complex multi-part safety module designs. With innovative Connect & Done technology the ultra-compact 40 mm x 27 mm x 22mm housing can be placed directly inside a cable tray, eliminating mounting requirements in many applications.

With its Connect & Done technology, adding safety devices to any setup using the G10 safety module takes only minutes. And it is irrelevant if magnetic door switches, e-stops or key operated door switches are necessary.

“A single two-conductor AS-Interface flat cable can hold up to 31 dry-contact safety devices of any kind. Now, safety data is directly passed on to a conventional PLC where detailed diagnostics can take place,” explains Hornis. “Because all safe operations are handled through Safety at Work costly safety PLCs are never needed, further reducing the cost of the system. And while safety PLCs are justifiable in some cases, the added cost is too much for small to medium size installations.”

“With over 20 years involvement in AS-Interface, Pepperl+Fuchs is passionate when it comes to developing exceptional products. Our engineers draw from a wealth of innovative design ideas like the robust, single-piece G10 housing with its unique pivot-top design, the highest grade gold plated piercing needles, and best-in-class electronic designs. As a result, the G10 safety module is innovative like no other Safety at Work module on the market,” says Hornis.

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Pepperl+Fuchs G10 Safety Module

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