Mersen HP10NH1 Photovoltaic Fuses

Mersen HP10NH1 photovoltaic (PV) fuse series was designed specifically for photovoltaic output circuit (or array) protection. HelioProtection® HP10NH1 series fuses protect conductors against potential short-circuits in groups of strings. Target equipment includes solar re-combiner boxes, array combiner boxes, sub-combiner boxes and inverter input circuits.

Global acceptance
HP10NH1 fuses are rated up to 1000VDC from 53 to 160A, furnished in a standard NH1 size fuse body. Photovoltaic fuse certifications include pending UL Listing to standard 2579 (due December 2012) and IEC Compliance to standard 60269-6. As an immediate advantage the HP10NH1 can be installed in two standard-length and 1000VDC qualified fuseholders: one is an open fuse-base and one is a base protected against electrical shock.

The lowest power losses in the marketplace
The HP10NH1 offers the lowest power losses in the marketplace, delivering enhanced system efficiencies. The fuses advanced design is also able to withstand aging caused by thermal effects leading to increased reliability of solar photovoltaic installations.

Mersen HP10NH1 Photovoltaic Fuses

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