Phoenix Contact FL mGuard Delta Router

Phoenix Contact is updating the popular FL mGuard product family with the release of the Delta. The mGuard Delta combines exceptionally high levels of security and performance in a stable and compact metal housing for the desktop. It is an ideal solution to protect critical systems, machines or any size networks against attacks.

The mGuard Delta security appliances combine the powerful new mGuard hardware platform with the reliable mGuard firmware. This combination integrates four complementary security components: a bidirectional stateful firewall, a flexible NAT router, a highly secure VPN gateway (with license) and optionally, an industry-compatible protection from malware. The mGuard Delta has a front-side configuration memory (SD card slot), for quick and easy operation, updating and exchanging.

Whether for individual computers, machines or entire networks, the flexibility of the mGuard Delta is practically unlimited. With its numerous configurations and routing options, it can map the widest variety of networking scenarios quickly and easily. And the integrated security components ensure that security does not come up short either.

The mGuard Delta is supremely suitable for protection of workplaces and environments close to production with low requirements for industrial hardening. It can be positioned as an intelligent firewall between office and production networks, as a secure remote maintenance gateway, or as a security router for small- and medium-sized workgroups.

For software-independent remote maintenance scenarios, the mGuard Delta can be used as a VPN gateway and client for IPsec-encrypted VPN tunnels. When equipped with the respective VPN licenses, the mGuard Delta functions as a remote access infrastructure for the secure connection of machines, controls or technicians, especially in medium-sized machine and plant engineering operations.


  • Router with intelligent firewall
  • As an option, 10 VPN tunnels up to 250 tunnels, IPsec (IETF) standard with additional license
  • Configurable stateful inspection firewall with full scope of functions
  • Standard routing, NAT, 1:1 NAT, port forwarding
  • Optional CIFS Integrity Monitoring
  • Metal housing
  • Slot for SD memory card
  • Extended temperature range of 0°C to 40°C
  • Web-based management
  • Filtering MAC and IP addresses, ports and protocols
  • Provides protection against IP spoofing, DoS and Syn Flood