Rittal TS8 Turn-Key Enclosures

Ordering pre-configured modular enclosures is easier than you think. With Rittal’s TS8 Turn-key Solutions you select just one part number that includes our industry leading TS8 freestanding enclosure plus the most popular accessories, assembled and installed by experienced factory professionals as part of the manufacturing process, before it leaves our U.S. factory. Simply choose the size and design that best fits your needs and you’ll receive a complete and configured enclosure, ready to protect your valuable components, and shipped to you in only five days.

Ordering and installing a world-class Rittal TS8 enclosure has never been easier. One simple part number = one easy solution!


  • Sheet steel, enclosure frame, roof, rear wall, sidewalls: 16 ga.
  • Door: 14 ga.
  • Mounting panel: 11 ga.


  • Enclosure frame: dipcoat-primed
  • Door, roof, rear wall, sidewalls: Powder-coated in RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • Base: RAL 7022 (umbra grey)
  • Mounting panel, gland plates: Zinc-plated

Protection Ratings

  • UL Type 12 (IP 55 to EN 60 529) (with fitted disconnect handle installed)


  • UL file E76083, CSA file LR59132, CE UL/cUL for disconnects