Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module

The new 40 A QUINT buffer module is a complementary
product to the existing 20 A module, providing standby
power for short-term losses of power. It is based on
high-quality capacitor technology providing a long
service life and a wide operational temperature range
(-20 C to 80 C).

The new module is also equipped with SFB (Selective Fuse
Breaking) technology, which provides the ability to trip
standard circuit breakers reliably, preventing DC bus
fault conditions.

This buffer module also contains an active 24 V DC/20 mA
feedback signal, providing indication back to a control
system as to the status of the power system. The amount
of back-up time available depends on load currents
connected to the buffer module. It can support a maximum
load current of up to 40 A for 200 milliseconds.

Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module

Phoenix Contact 40 A DC Buffer Module – datasheet