Rittal Power Isolation Enclosure


Safety and machine up time are two of the most important considerations on the production floor, especially when it comes to high-current electrical equipment. To lessen concern of these critical factors on engineers and service personnel, the brain trust at Rittal has developed a technology that minimizes the risk of arc flash explosions in the smart, highly engineered way that only Rittal can.
When considering safety and design flexibility during the planning stage, Rittal’s Power Isolation Enclosure solutions provide the capability to isolate high- and low-voltage equipment within the confines of their respective enclosure, assisting in compliance with NFPA 70E work place safety standards.
  • Rittal’s off-the-shelf power isolution solutions decrease the risk of personnel being exposed to arc flash and related injuries
  • Rittal’s solutions provide the capability to isolate low-voltage equipment and components used for programming, data acquisition, and system adjustment from high voltage components 
  • High-voltage line-side power is isolated within its own disconnect switch enclosure
  • Accessories, such as external fold-down shelves, external data pockets, and interface flaps and extensions, allow for data retrieval, equipment monitoring, and routine maintenance to be performed externally without exposure to arc flash hazards 
  • Customizable configurations and solutions from standard components provide an unlimited choice of low-voltage and high-voltage cabinet combinations to suit your specific application