Phoenix Contact M12 Fiber Optic Cabling System


Phoenix Contact has introduced the first M12 fiber optic connection system for plastic optical fiber (POF), polymer clad fiber (PCF) and glass optical fiber (GOF).  The small footprint of the M12, combined with fiber optic technology, provides quick and reliable connectivity, as well as high data transmission speeds.

These products are designed to perform in harsh industrial conditions such as wet, dirty, dusty or hot environments, or when exposed to vibrations, shocks or EMC.  Integrated transceivers allow direct connection to the PCB for all fiber types.  The new M12 fiber optic system is the first active optical interface with the same dimensions as the proven M12 connectors for copper cabling.
  • IP65/67 solution for outdoor use and in harsh environments
  • Available with POF- and HCS- fiber
  • Field assembly connector
  • Pre-assembled patch cords: M12 to M12, M12 to SCRJ
  • Transceiver (650nm) for PCB
  • M12 optic wall feed-through/coupling