DF-G2 High Speed Fiber Amplfier Now with Several LED Colors

Banner Engineering’s high speed DF-G2 fiber amplifiers now offer several LED colors to maximize contrast in challenging low-contrast applications. For example, a green LED generates more signal difference (i.e. contrast) when detecting a red mark on a white background than a red LED can generate. White, green, blue and infrared LED colors are available to cover the broadest range of applications. The IR LED model is especially useful with “T5” terminated glass fiber assemblies and provides almost two times more detection range than the red LED.

The DF-G2 series is the high-speed version of the DF-G fiber optic amplifier family. The DF-G2 was designed to achieve the world’s fastest response speed and precise repeatability for fiber optic sensing applications. A much brighter LED and a more effective coupled optical system was designed to extend sensing range and improve speed. The result is a sensor that can achieve 10 microsecond response time with 5 microsecond repeatability.

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