Phoenix Contact HEAVYCON EVO EMC Heavy-Duty Rectangular Connectors

The HEAVYCON EVO heavy-duty connector line from Phoenix Contact now includes the metal EVO-EMC version. With its patented, innovative bayonet locking gland, the HEAVYCON EVO-EMC provides the same inventory cost-reducing advantage as the HEAVYCON EVO plastic.

Designed for applications that require shielding, the HEAVYCON EVO EMC is compatible with similar B-series connectors from Phoenix Contact and similar models from other manufacturers. Like the HEAVYCON EVO plastic, HEAVYCON EVO EMC accepts both the fixed position inserts and the modular inserts. 

Designed for harsh environments, HEAVYCON EVO EMC is manufactured from salt-water-resistant aluminum and meets the requirements of IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12.


  • HEAVYCON EVO EMC metal is designed to meet high shielding requirements
  • Cable exit direction can be determined on-site
  • 70% inventory reduction savings
  • Four bayonet locking glands in M20, M25, M32 and M40 for all size hoods
  • Accepts fixed or modular inserts
  • EVO is fully compatible with standard B-series housings from Phoenix Contact or other rectangular connector manufacturers
  • Meets IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12