Pro-face GP4000M Rear Module

Pro-face America has launched the new GP4000M series rear module for their GP4x01M series of HMIs. The GP4000M Rear Module offers two unique data management architectures.

  1. Thanks to the large library of 3rd party protocols supported, the GP4000M Rear Module can be deployed as a “Factory Gateway”. As a Factory Gateway, the GP4000M can bridge devices from two different networks, each network operating on a different industrial communications protocol.
  2. For applications where operator interaction is not required or infrequent and data collection is necessary the GP4000M operating as a “blind node” makes for a cost effective solution. Coupled with our Remote HMI app, screens that are normally displayed through a display unit, can be viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or any device that can support a web browser.
  • Supports a large selection of Serial or Ethernet protocols (set up to 2 protocols)
  • USB interfaces can be used for project transfer to connect BCR scanners, printers and memory devices
  • Connectivity to EZ-Series USB solutions
  • Programmed with the versatile GP-Pro EX Screen Development software
  • Quick mounting into a standard 22mm hole without he need to create a larger panel cutout.