Phoenix Contact 4000 Series Ethernet Switches

Phoenix Contact’s addition of five models, designated as the 4000 series Ethernet switches, provides you with Gigabit capability, numerous fiber options, and various port-count combinations. By operating on the same firmware platform, both the 4000 series and the previously released 3000 series ensure seamless network interoperability and easy deployment and maintenance.

Phoenix Contact 3000 and 4000 series managed Ethernet switches are specially tailored to the requirements of today’s infrastructure applications. Models are available in various five-to sixteen-port Fast Ethernet and now, Gigabit configurations. Support for up to four fiber ports with different fiber types, speed, and connectors enables flexibility in any deployment, while the extended temperature range enables universal use even under extreme environmental conditions. The switches support a comprehensive suite of IT-compatible functions, IEEE security policies, various high-performance network redundancy methods, and numerous network performance management options that enable consistent integration into IT network structures.

The 3000/4000 Ethernet switches offer a wide range of security functions to assist in protecting the network:

  • MAC-based port security
  • 802.1x port-based (RADIUS) authentication
  • SNMPv3 encryption
  • User accounts for switch web page access

Multiple redundancy options afford fle xibility for any industrial network topology. Support for the IEEE redundancy standards Spanning Tree Protocol, Rapid Spanning Tree, and Multiple Spanning Tree ensure IT-compatibility in a system.

Additionally, for critical infrastructure applications that might require more complex redundancy schemes, the proprietary Extended Ring mechanism offers quick redundancy switch-over in the event of connection failure. Communication recovery time of 15 milliseconds for up to 134 3000/4000 devices in a sing le ring is possible. Up to three linked rings with more than 300 switches can be supported, with dual homing, redundant ring-to-ring coupling, or linking of rings possible.

With the 3000/4000 switch family, special attention has also been given to the user-friendly operation and configuration of the switches. The ability to customize switch web page access by user account allows configurable web pages to be displayed based on user roles. Access to switch information and modifications can be structur ed by “need-to-know” basis, to address the requirements of different job functions or security levels.

Phoenix Contact 4000 Series Ethernet Switches

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