Phoenix Contact PTU Hybrid Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces a new size of push-in spring technology hybrid terminal block.  The PTU 2.5-TWIN and PTU 4-TWIN hybrid blocks offer one screw connection and two push-in connections.  These hybrid blocks give the best of both worlds: fast, simple push-in connection for factory wiring, and familiar screw-connection for field wiring.

The PT terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wires by simply pushing the wire into the block. Stranded wire is terminated by pushing the orange actuator, opening the spring for the insertion of the wire.  All new versions are compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, test accessories, and plug-in components.


  • Push-in connection of ferruled wires to save time
  • Double-bridging channel between technology types for easy power distribution
  • PT 2.5-TWIN – 26-12 AWG; 20A @ 600V
  • PT 4-TWIN – 24-15 AWG; 30A @ 600V