Littelfuse 470 / 476 Series Subminiature SMT Fuses

New 470 and 476 Series NANO2® Subminiature Fuses from Littelfuse withstand surge and provide circuit protection against overload conditions for downstream components. Both feature highly compact surface mountable packages for high design flexibility in space-constrained applications; the SMT design supports higher placement speed and higher yields during product manufacturing. With a 1206 footprint, the 470 Series Fuse is the smallest 125VAC-rated surface-mountable fuse available in the Littelfuse portfolio; The 476 Series is a family of 250VAC-rated surface mountable fuses in a compact 2410 footprint. It is the smallest SMT fuse with this high voltage rating and, like the 470 Series, is designed for primary side circuit protection in compact devices with high voltage requirements.

Typical applications include LED lighting, LCD/LED TVs, white goods (major household appliances), notebooks/PCs, and power supply units.


  • Surface Mount Type AC Fuse
  • Smallest footprint: 470 Series – 1206 package, 476 Series – 2410 package
  • High operating temperature at 125°C
  • Surge Immunity Capability: 470 Series – US: ENERGY STAR® (1.5A and above ampere rating only), 476 Series – Global: IEC 61000-4-5 2 ed. (3A and above ampere rating only)
  • SMT is the trend in compact applications with space constraints; it also enables higher speed and yield in manufacturing processes
  • Occupies less board space
  • Suitable for high temperature applications such as LED lighting
  • 470 and 476 Series Fuses withstand surge from AC power line and keep light bulb/tube working continuously