Pro-face FP5000 Series Industrial Flat Panel Monitors

In addition to cutting-edge functions such as gesture operation and a brightness sensor, the FP5000 Series of industrial flat panel monitors from Pro-face provides a high level of environmental resistance with features like a maximum ambient operating temperature rating of 60°C and an IP67F protection rating.

The FP5000 Series employs a 12.1″ or 15″ analog resistive multi-touch touch panel that allows multi-touch gestures, even when wearing work gloves.  Gesture operation greatly prevents unintended operation and the multi-touch panel film prevents display glass fragments from contaminating the processed goods, essential in the food and beverage industry.

The 12VDC power supply support is beneficial for mobile and solar powered applications.  Used together with the PE4000B Series industrial computer, the FP5000 Series suits the requirements of low power supply applications such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) or others.

The FP5000 Series can be used as a display for existing equipment running Windows XP.  It also supports Windows 8.1, the latest version of Windows, allowing you to use the latest operating system when upgrading equipment.  The front-mounted USB port allows data to be exported easily using a USB flash drive.

The panel cutout dimensions are the same as the FP3000 Series (10″, 12″ and 15″), making replacement simple.

Pro-face FP5000 Industrial Flat Panel Monitors

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