Newport Electronics Platinum Series Configuration Software

Newport Electronics announces their new PLATINUM configuration software, a Windows-based configuration and monitoring tool for NEWPORT PLATINUM product family.

Easy, Assured Connections

  • Operates over Serial, USB or Ethernet Channel
  • ‘Force Mode’ ensures connectivity thru USB with no device pre-configuration requirements
  • Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP support
  • Allows remote configuration of devices

Simplified Configuration

  • Dynamic setting of Inputs, Outputs, Alarms, Setpoints, Annunciators, PID Parameters and Ramp & Soak profiles
  • Emulates Front Panel to provide run time monitoring
  • Simple ‘point and click’ configuration for all settable parameters

Simplified Process Tuning

  • Integrated charting with zoom capability for process tuning and monitoring
  • Interactive Auto-tuning
  • Manual over-ride mode for both Process Input and Control Output values

Advanced Setup for Complex Control Systems

  • Full Access to 99 Ramp & Soak Profiles, with 8 cycles per profile
  • Ability to link between profiles for complex systems, process cycling
  • Selective output activation for batching control sequencing
  • Error reporting based on RAMP, SOAK or CYCLE time 

Extended File Support

  • Selective loading of configuration, tuning and Ramp & Soak profile information
  • Files tagged with extended documentation (author, date, application)
  • Files compatible to integral PLATINUM – USB Flash Drive LOAD/SAVE commands
  • Standard Tab Delimited file format – export to spread sheet for extended editing

No Cost Development and Deployment Tool

  • Internal tool used in verification testing – always up to date with latest features
  • ‘1 click ’, self-extracting installation file
  • Validates current Platinum Firmware