Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO Housings w/ Twin-Cable Exits

In the continuing expansion of the Heavycon EVO product line, Phoenix Contact has added twin-cable exit housings for their Heavycon EVO Plastic line.

Some applications require power and signal (or data) to be connected, which may require two separate cables because of shielding concerns. Heavycon EVO, with its patented bayonet-locking gland, addresses that need and still allows the versatility of the cable exit direction to be determined on-site. The twin cable exit model is available in the popular B-series, sizes B10, B16 and B24, and it accepts the fixed and modular inserts. The Heavycon EVO twin-cable exit hoods allow any of the four bayonet glands (M20, M25, M32, or M40) to be used with the three different sized housings.

The robust plastic connector system offers high reliability and durable construction even in applications with high impact and vibrations. Test results prove Heavycon EVO offers improved structural integrity over the typical metal housings from the competition.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO Housings w/ Twin-Cable Exits

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