Phoenix Contact PLD IP67 Machine Lights

Phoenix Contact introduces PLD, a family of IP67-rated industrial machine lights. These PLDs were not designed just to be another light, but to set the bar in the efficient, high-quality industrial illumination.

PLD achieves quality through the following key features:

  • Advanced LED technology with a minimum of 65,000 hours of service life
  • Homogenous and glare-free lighting with innovative optics constructed of shatter-proof laminated safety glass
  • High-color rendering index (CRI) providing unaltered reproduction of colors


  • 24VDC supply voltage
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • 4.2mm laminated safety glass
  • Color temperature: 5000 K
  • 50° or 100° emission angles
  • 200, 365, and 695 mm lengths
  • Mounting equipment included
  • M12 SPEEDCON interconnections
  • PWM inputs for dimming and flashing operation
  • Series-wireable
  • Protection against polarity reversal, excessively high voltage, and over-temperature
  • Early error indication via digital output