Pro-face SP5660 Wireless LAN Display

Pro-face America announces the launch of the new SP5660 Enhanced HMI. This 12″ Display unit is the newest member to the SP5000 family and offers built-in wireless LAN. The SP5660 is compatible with the Pro-face SP5B40 open box unit, adding even more options to this already flexible series.

In recent years, developments in wireless convenience and technology have resulted in an increased adoption of wireless solutions, even in production sites that were hesitant to adopt wireless capabilities due to concerns of reliability and security. Until now, building a wireless environment in manufacturing sites prone to high concentrations of dust and dirt resulted in constraints on wireless LAN router selection and installation location. In Pro-face’s new product, a wireless antenna is built into the bezel (frame) portion, which has obtained a variety of environmental standards, thus eliminating any effort in selecting and installing a wireless LAN router as well as any concerns about failures due to on-site dust and dirt. Use this one product in place of the industrial computers and HMIs usually used for configuring device operation settings and get the wireless environment suited for your site.

When installing a device to a manufacturing site, adjustment and verification at startup or when debugging are performed with connecting a laptop. However, with various components and devices in the factory, there’s no place to install the laptop, and it’s often the case that if the control panel is not open, connecting the cable to the PC can be difficult. To solve such problems, using this product means debugging can be performed anywhere, enabling the work to be carried out efficiently. Also, with a wireless environment, rearranging for factory lines and cell production is simple.

Pro-face’s specialized industrial remote monitoring application, Pro-Face Remote HMI, is designed for use on tablets and smartphones. By combining this application with the SP5000 Series wireless model, you can check production statuses and device statuses via tablet or smartphone anywhere and at any time, all without installing a router.

Pro-face SP5660 Wireless LAN Display

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