TURCK Q08F Sensors

TURCK announces the addition of a compact stainless steel housed sensor to its line of Q08 sensors. The stainless steel Q08F provides users with a robust sensor alternative where standard Q08 sensors would not be suitable, or where a more durable sensor could minimize downtime and alleviate trouble areas for users. 

The rectangular sensor offers compact housing (32 X 28 X 8 mm), is made from 316 stainless steel and offers an IP68/69K rating. Additionally, the sensor provides a 7 mm sensing range and can be flush mounted to offer a wide range of mounting and application possibilities. With these features, the stainless steel Q08F is an ideal solution for users in the stamp and die, metal forming, and automotive industries where durability and reliability are a must.

The stainless steel Q08F comes equipped with an integrated LED to provide users with a visual indication of the sensor’s status. The sensors also come outfitted with a PUR cable, offer a PNP or NPN output, and offer an operating range of -25
°C to 70°C.

TURCK Q08F Sensors

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