Honeywell Sensing & Control WMPR Limitless Wireless Multi-Protocol Receiver

Honeywell’s WMPR Series Limitless™ Wireless Multi-Protocol Receiver is a reliable DIN-rail or panel-mountable receiver that is designed to receive a wireless signal from a Limitless™ digital or analog input or node. The receiver then communicates the Limitless™ digital or analog node status (i.e., switch open or closed, pressure value) to an EtherNet/IP™ compliant Master device (i.e., programmable logic controller. Accommodating up to 14 Limitless™ digital or analog nodes, the WMPR Series is designed for applications requiring multiple wireless inputs.


  • LCD’s function buttons allow user to easily navigate the menu to obtain status of the switch actuation state, sensor value, battery condition, RF signal loss, node pairing, node update rate, fault indications, etc.
  • Range of 305 m [1000 ft]
  • Direct or remote-mount antenna options for space and/or signal transmission optimization
  • Ability to reconfigure multiple inputs allows for adding, subtracting, or relocating Limitless™ inputs
  • Durable thermoplastic (ABS) housing
  • Sealed to IP20 and designed with a combination of din-rail or through-hole mount for installation ease
  • RJ-45 EtherNet connection with a lever-actuating connector allows easy installation
  • Output is ODVA certified (certification pending); EtherNet/IP Conformance Tested™
  • Backward- and forward-compatible with all of the available Limitless™ family of products