Phoenix Contact MINI Analog to Frequency Transducer

Phoenix Contact introduces a new configurable, freely adjustable, analog-to-frequency transducer with additional switching output and limit-value functionality. This latest addition to the MINI Pro Analog family can convert standard analog signals to frequency signals or to pulse-width-modulated signals (PWM signals). Current signals between 0-24mA and voltage signals between 0-12V can be processed on the input side. Frequency signals between 0-11kHz and PWM signals between 0-100% are possible on the output side.

In addition, the output can also be operated as a switching output, which means that two switching thresholds can be set independently of one another. The minimum measuring span is 1mA and 0.5V. Full accuracy is maintained with a measuring span greater than 10mA and 5V. You can configure the device using one of the free software solutions. Default settings can also be made directly on the device by simply using the DIP switches. The measuring transducer supports fault monitoring and NFC communication.


  • MINI Pro housing features
  • Frequency output can be used as second switching output as an option
  • Freely adjustable input and output
  • Screw or push-in connection available
  • Can be supplied with customer-specific configuration or default configuration
  • Reinforced Safe isolation (3kV) according to IEC 61010-1
  • Wide power circuit input range of 9.6 to 30VDC makes for easy implementation into 12V battery-powered or remote systems
  • Conformance and Approvals: CE, UL CID2, ATEX, EAC