Phoenix Contact PTRV Marshaling Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces the PTRV terminal block, allowing up to 32 connections in an 8.3mm profile. The compact PTRV marshaling terminals are used to marshal signals in automation applications in a clearly arranged manner. The wiring of a large number of conductors is simplified through levels, which can be designed individually based on color. Together with the front wiring, this helps to prevent errors in connection.


  • Current rating – 10A (UL)
  • Voltage – 300V (UL)
  • Wire range – 26-14 stranded/solid


  • Maximum signal density and up to 20% less space required, thanks to the compact design
  • Freely configurable color assignment terminal points, enabling intuitive and safe installation
  • Convenient testing by means of freely accessible 2.5mm test connections
  • Large-surface, pitch-free marking for matrix identification
  • Potential distribution versions, with up to 32 connections on the same block