Emerson IA / SolaHD SVL Power Supplies

The SolaHD SVL Series provides the essential features needed for high volume applications where the power supply will be installed in a controlled environment. Typical examples include ATMs, vending machines, building automation, industrial machinery, life sciences and other applications protected from excess shock, vibration or temperature extremes.


  • High power density in a small frame – Compact footprint and light weight to fit your machine.
  • Universal input voltage – Adapts to locally available power. 
  • Simple to wire – Easy screw clamp connections.
  • Trouble free mounting – Clips on DIN rail for easy installation.
  • Reliable power – Overload, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Power factor correction – Reduces harmonic emissions that can waste energy and affect power quality.
  • Visual verification – LED indicator for DC status and blinking over current protection.