Schneider Electric Magelis HMIPSO Panel iPCs

Magelis HMIPSO Optimized S-Panel Industrial PCs are the entry level Panel PCs in the Magelis iPC range. These simple-in-design PCs with IntelTM Atom dual-core CPU cater for the performance requirements of most automaion applications in the field.

Magelis Optimized S-Panel PCs offer improved application and operator efficiency with:

  • 10″/15″ wide TFT multi-touch screens, LED backlight, IP66 protection, and 7H hardness anti-scratch front
  • Maintenance-free non-rotating parts and operation up to +55 °C/131 °F (or up to +45 °C/113 °F for models with HDD or mini PCIe)
  • Integration of software applications such as HMI Vijeo XD software and third-party Windows software
  • Expansions with optional interfaces based on mini PCIe (Com, USB, audio, networks, etc.)
  • Available with WES 7, Windows 8.1, without an operating system, or with Windows 7 in Configured-To-Order offer 

Optimized Magelis HMIPSO, with 8 references, are equipped with:

  • Fanless Intel® Atom E3827 dual-core processor(1.75 GHz)
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM, default mounted
  • Connection ports: 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 2 COM (RS-232, RS-232/422/485), 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Expansion kit (depending on model): 1 optional/default kit allowing 1 SATA HDD/ SSD slot and 1 mini PCIe slot with its optional interface slot bb Power supply: 24 V c, AC power supply with external AC/DC power adapter 

Magelis S-Panel PCs are supported by Schneider Electric HMI software for automation. Vijeo XD Run Time is readily available and can be downloaded to PCs as a demo version. This can be upgraded to the unlimited version with an additional HMIRTMCZLSPAZZ license.

Schneider Electric HMIPSO Optimized S-Panel iPCs

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