Phoenix Contact PLD 400/600 LED Cabinet Lights

Phoenix Contact’s PLD “Phoenix Lighting Device” product family has expanded and now includes IP20 in-cabinet LED lighting. Within this new offering are two performance classes for AC and 24 V DC applications. Both variants incorporate the highest quality 50,000-hour LED technology and patented tool-free installation, at a cost-effective price. 

PLD 600 Class Product Features:  

  • Wide range AC input 85-265 V AC 
  • Low power consumption (10 W) 
  • Daisy-chainable via 3-pole connection 
  • Built-in motion detector 
  • Variants with country-specific sockets 
  • Mounting via tool-free clips, magnets, or screw tabs 

PLD 400 Class Product Features

  • 24 V DC supply voltage
  • Low power consumption (1.5 – 7 W) 
  • Daisy-chainable via M8 snap-in connections 
  • Available in 3 lengths (250, 375, and, 500 mm) 
  • Adjustable 180° light angle 
  • Integrated pushbutton 
  • Optional door position switch 
  • Mounting via tool-free clips, magnets, or screw tabs 
  • UL approved for use with Class 2 power supplies