Phoenix Contact PTF LED Strip Lighting Connector Adapters

New PCB connector adapters from Phoenix Contact enable the quick, easy, and secure connection of flexible LED PCBs when combined with the PTF series of connectors. The PCB adapters can be used as an extension, as a corner connection, or as a T-distributor. The white PCB adapters are designed for 2- and 4-position applications with 8 or 10mm-wide LED strips. UL-approved materials ensure that they can be safely used in applications requiring UL approval.


  • Tool-free termination saves time and cost while reducing errors 
  • High-current capacity enables long LED strips to be connected without an additional power supply
  • Locking pin ensures secure connection to the PCB PTF connector family
  • Rated up to 5A and 60V UL
  • 8mm and 10mm versions available