E-T-A ESR10 Micro Solid State Relays

E-T-A announces their new ESR10 Micro ISO solid state relays for 12VDC and 24VDC vehicle applications.  The ESR10 is appropriate in applications where a standard electro-mechanical relay is not a viable option, such as:

  • High frequency switching requirements
  • Low drive signals from the APC or controller
  • Silent switching requirements
  • Applications where PWM (pulse width modulation) is used  

The ESR10 Micro relays can easily replace an electro-mechanical relay because polarity of the control input does not matter. The solid state relays are suitable for switching resistive, inductive and capacitive or lamp loads. Unlike electro-mechanical relays they offer frequency control as an option.


  • Silent: Solid state technology eliminates in-vehicle switching noise
  • Fast: PWM compatible high frequency electronic switching
  • Durable: Wear-free design, with no mechanical parts, resistant to vibration and dust
  • Efficient: Requires a fraction of the control power required by standard electro-mechanical relays.

E-T-A ESR10 Micro Solid State Relays

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