Phoenix Contact UNO Solar DC to DC Converter

Phoenix Contact’s newest addition to their UNO family of power supplies is designed specifically for solar applications. This DC-to-DC power supply can utilize the high-voltage DC string voltage and convert it to 24VDC. The advantages of the direct array connection will allow you to target specific applications.


  • A direct connection to the array saves trenching installation costs for AC power lines
  • Provides control power with the loss of grid power
  • “UNO Solar” is the first array powered supply to be approved to UL1741, the standard for inverters, converters, controllers and interconnect system equipment for use with distributed energy resources
  • Input range is 300 to 1000VDC
  • Output rated at 24VDC/2.5A
  • Ideal for powering combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes and the inverter controls for anti-islanding requirements
  • Able to power the SOLARCHECK RSD
  • Five-year standard warranty