Littelfuse IGBT Power Module

Littelfuse introduces the MG12600WB-BR2MM Series, the latest addition to their IGBT Module Power Semiconductor portfolio. The new 1200V, 600A Half-Bridge IGBT Module Series offers designers a substantially higher current rating than the portfolio’s previous maximum current rating (450A), offering the high efficiency and fast switching speeds of modern IGBT technology in a robust and flexible format. The module’s compact (152 x 62 x 17 mm) package simplifies thermal management and allows for less complex, more elegant system designs. This multi-chip module reduces solder joint and PC board space requirements. The WB configuration package is available in various current ratings for the release of products across a wide power range.

Applications for the MG12600WB-BR2MM Series include power control applications, such as flexible and efficient industrial and servo drives, solar inverters, high power converters, UPSs, and welding equipment.

“This 1200V, 600A module extends the current range in our industry-standard module package so customers may use the same thermal and PC board design to release multiple power ratings within their platforms,” said Dr. Kevin Speer, global manager of technology strategy, Power Semiconductors, at Littelfuse. “The semiconductor technology allows high conversion efficiencies, while the multi-chip module enables elegant system design with fewer failure points for greater reliability.”


  • Trench-gate field stop IGBT technology ensures state-of-the-art IGBTs with optimal conduction and switching performance
  • Low saturation voltage and positive temperature coefficient means that MG12600WB-BR2MM modules can be easily paralleled to increase system current
  • Fast switching and short tail current allows for higher system efficiency through reduced switching losses