Schneider Electric Magelis HMIGK Advanced Panels

Magelis™ HMI GK graphic terminals from Schneider Electric are great for use on complex equipment where operators have repetitive tasks and make frequent data entry.  In dusty, dirty or grimy conditions, use of the function keys helps reduce the need to touch the screen with contaminated fingers or gloves.

The Magelis HMI GK shares technical characteristics with Magelis GTO to enhance the operator’s experience. Ultra-flexible, with two screen sizes (5.7″ and 10.4″), these graphic terminals can be configured and controlled to precisely match your requirements.

Designed to operate in severe environments, the Magelis HMI GK offers you optimum control on the keypad, as well as on the touch screen. The latest design is consistent with the Magelis USB keypad (HMIZKB1), ideal for keypad control on small Magelis panels.

Easy Operation
In difficult, dusty, or dirty conditions, when the touch screen can’t be used, positive keypad action means you can still operate the terminal — even while wearing gloves.

Optimum Security for Operators
The keypad is designed with safety in mind, ensuring operators can access the command keys at any time with possible dual actions and lock keys during dangerous phases.

Ultra-flexible User Interface
Touch screen and keypad keys are configurable simultaneously or separately:

  • Industrial pointer to execute precise commands onscreen
  • Alphanumeric keypad using mobile phone keypad principle
  • 3-color LEDs associated with function keys to signal command status
  • Improved key sensitivity for visual machine control

Easy Maintenance

The Magelis HMI GK has enhanced features that enable easy maintenance, saving time and money, including:

  • Long-life LED backlight with low consumption that requires fewer replacements
  • Highly robust with operating temperatures up to 55 °C, lowering maintenance risk and time
  • An SD card slot included in the device means that a PC is not required in the field to upgrade the application; just use a standard SD media card
  • The removable battery is simple to replace
  • Easy installation using our tool-free mounting with spring clips
  • Remote diagnostics with Vijeo Air/Air+ apps means maintenance staff no longer need to be on-site to identify issues

Easy Substitution
Replacement of old Magelis XBT F or XBTGK keypads

  • Identical screen size and communication capacity
  • Same cut-out and keypad layout
  • Use of spring clips
  • Same configuration software with Vijeo Designer