Leuze electronic MSI 400 Safety Controllers

The safety PLCs of the MSI 400 series from Leuze electronic provide efficient solutions for integrating safety sensors in machines and systems. Though just 45 mm wide, they are available with 16/20 safe inputs and 4/8 safe outputs as well as optional Ethernet interface with industrial Ethernet protocols. With extension modules, the control – with up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs – can be flexibly adapted to current and future needs. Configuration and commissioning are performed easily and comfortably with the MSI.designer programming software.


  • Compact power pack with only 45mm width which is currently the most compact solution on the market
  • Basic version offering up to 24 safe inputs/outputs
  • Modular expandable up to 168 safe inputs/outputs
  • Good networking and easy communication – with integrated industrial Ethernet protocols and fieldbus gateways – with integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces