Schneider Electric OsiSense XMEP Pressure Transmitters

Mobile equipment environments are typically characterized by severe conditions, pressure spikes and high levels of vibration. Schneider Electric’s OsiSense XMEP pressure transmitters from Telemecanique Sensors provides an ideal solution for mobile equipment with appropriate electrical connections, power supply, operating temperature range and degree of protection.

Highly Robust
The OsiSense XMEP pressure transmitter is highly resistant to overpressure and includes a pulse snubber which protects it against damaging pressure spikes / hammer effects. The XMEP is certified up to IP69K and has a high electromagnetic compatibility conforming to mobile equipment standards, including E2 certification.

OsiSense XMEP is one of the most compact pressure transmitters on the market, making it easy to integrate into the tight spaces of your mobile equipment design.

The OsiSense XMEP is available with most of the standard connectors used in the mobile equipment industry and can directly connect with wiring harnesses. Take the XMEP out of the box. Plug it in.

Schneider Electric OsiSense XMEP Pressure Transmitters

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