Banner Engineering LTF Laser Measurement Sensors w/ IO-Link

Banner Engineering’s popular long-range L-GAGE® LTF laser sensor is now available in models featuring two independently configurable discrete outputs and the IO-Link industrial protocol, which enables robust two-way communication between the sensor and a master device. LTF series sensors offer tremendous accuracy over long distances and provide reliable detection regardless of target color, material or reflectivity.


  • Remote configuration: Device parameters can be read and altered remotely, even while inspections are ongoing, enabling quick configuration and minimizing downtime for product changeover.
  • Remote monitoring: You can access sensor level data in real-time, make decisions based on that data, and receive real-time status alerts for rapid identification and resolution of problems.
  • Extended diagnostics: IO-Link provides visibility into errors and health status for each device, allowing you to evaluate machine performance and diagnose problems without shutting down equipment.
  • Simple device replacement: An IO-Link master device saves configuration data and automatically updates new sensors; you can easily replace sensors without expert knowledge for configuration.
  • Interface versatility: Measurement data is regularly sent from the LTF to an IO-Link master device, enabling analog output capabilities in a sensor with dual discrete outputs and no analog output.